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What is BudgetLink®?
BudgetLink® is an Economy version of our PrivacyLink® product. Privacy slats are pre-inserted into rolls of chain link fence to provide either full (98%) or partial (75%) privacy. The look and functionality of BudgetLink® is almost identical to our PrivacyLink® product, but at a more affordable price.


How does the “Privacy” differ between the BudgetLink® and PrivacyLink®?
There is no difference in the amount of privacy that either product provides.


How is BudgetLink® different from PrivacyLink®?
There are three features that make our BudgetLink® product different from PrivacyLink®. Each of these differences provide the savings to the cost of the product.First, we added 11 gauge GBW chain link wire to the available wire sizes. BudgetLink® is available in 11 gauge, 10 gauge, 9 gauge GBW wire as well as 9 gauge PVC coated colored wire. PrivacyLink® is only available in 10 gauge and up.Second, BudgetLink® has a “Single-Wall” slat inserted into the chain link mesh, where as the PrivacyLink® has a “Double-Wall” slat. Both have the flared wing edges that gives the same amount of privacy.

Third, each of the BudgetLink® slats are stapled to the chain link mesh with an industrial staple to keep them in place. This is the same process used in our IndustrialLink® product.