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Chain Link Fence Slats Pre-Woven into the mesh

General Features and Benefits

  • Virtual privacy or semi-privacy available
  • Cost-efficient solution for most settings
  • Less installation time saves on labor and costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Effective wind screen
  • An exceptional sound barrier
  • Virtually theft resistant
  • Virtually un-climbable
  • Available in seven attractive colors
  • Available in two different privacy configurations for commercial, industrial and residential applications
  • Available with 7 year, pro-rata limited warranty


BudgetLink® comes in two degrees of privacy – Privacy
for near total privacy or Semi-Privacy for a more open look.
One will surely provide the appearance and security you

full privacy BudgetLink chain link fence slats
Full Privacy
Approximately 98%
Semi private BudgetLink chain link fence slats
Semi Privacy
Approximately 75%

BudgetLink® is affordable, low priced and meets the needs of price-conscious buyers in today’s tight economic environment.

As its name suggests, BudgetLink® is a budget-priced fence, yet it offers many of the bells and whistles of more expensive fences. Some of these features are: it’s an effective windscreen, it’s available in seven bright colors, it works well in most commercial or residential applications, and a seven-year warranty. It will certainly provide the privacy and security you need around your property.

Rest assured, BudgetLink® can fill your fencing needs when you are working within a tight budget.


Single-Wall Slats

BudgetLink® offers much the same dependability, service and privacy as PrivacyLink® with just a single wall slat and a much lower price.